Christa Alexis makeup of the day

My makeup for the day was a combination of dark eye shadow colors with a black eyeliner on top and bottom. I decided to wear lighter vibrant colors on my cold shoulder shirt paired with white jeans to really make my makeup pop.

Apply light eye shadow and then a darker shimmer shade on top. You can apply the pencil eyeliner after you put on the eye shadows. Repeat until you get the desired look.

Next, apply the eyeliner on bottom and mascara. I put my liquid foundation I like to check the ingredients and make sure they are organic. Apply to face and rub in thoroughly.  You’re almost done. Just add your simmer on your cheeks.

Walk out of your place feeling fabulous. Christa Alexis here! xo





Stefan Ringer makes you say “ahh”

Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa is defining the new age disco scene with Bounce #3 his first single from the EP Stimulate. It’s electro-pop-boogie fever vibes makes you want to say “ahh.” Ringer is an artist to get groovy with. Head to Brooklyn this Saturday and get ready to dance your ass off.

Cheers to Aquilo

England duo Aquilo’s newest single “Better Off Without You (Body Language Remix) is topping the charts with their latest remix off the Calling Me EP. Its seductive high-pitched vocals, groovy electronic hypno beats makes for a positive way of getting over the dreaded EX. Cheers mates and ride through the emotional roller coaster. Press play and make way for Aquilo.

RAC’s remix is retrofyingly good!

RAC’s remix of Harriet’s original single “Irish Margaritas” is unbelievably good with a retro vibe. Get rockin’ and don’t forget to make an Irish margarita. Groovy synths with a tunnel overtone for a indie pop sensation!

Listen below.

Gosh Pith is electrifyingly dangerous!

Detroit natives Gosh Pith released their latest song “Window.” It’s so jammingly good & adds electric pulsating beats to make you ‘feel like you’re knocking on their window.’ With over 50,000 plays, Gosh Pith is a brand new artist to keep your ears on.


Feel good, live better!

Too often we get overwhelmed by everything going on around us. We forget to live in the moment and fully embrace each second of it. We are consumed by technology and exterior distractions. We need to feel good but live even better. Our lives should be full of laughter, good vibes, and positive inspiration from the people around us.

What if we just learn to let go? Live in the moment!

Icelanders Low Roar releases catchy synth tune “I’ll keep coming.”

Iceland originators Low Roar  ignite their flame with calming melodies over hypnotic vocals for their noteworthy song, “I’ll keep coming.”  It has an intense slow motion buildup for the first three minutes and speeds up like a time travel machine. Low Roar are totally a indie folk rock hip band with an edge from their native land and they’ll “keep coming” out with fresh tracks for sure.

Fashion favs

Fashion favs of the week!

Whether you want to dress up, dress down, or just lounge around, these are my fashion picks of the week. Style is the way you wear your clothing and how it makes you feel in the moment. My style is undefined since I could be totally retro or urban chic another day…it totally depends on my mood.

Who doesn’t love fries? Better yet fries on a comfy sweatshirt. Perfect for pairing with leggings. Grab an order of fries & you’re set.


Fry Love Sweatshirt, $40 via


You can’t forget your comfy dandelion pants from Gypsy Warrior for only $48 with free shipping! I’m majorly obsessed. Don’t worry if you eat too many donuts. It has an elastic band.


Soar to another galaxy in this intergalatic catsuit. Totally cute for going out or lounging around in for a girl’s night. $110 but you’ll totally stand out. You can buy it at

90’s pop music is back…one more time


90’s pop is back again with Kulkid’s exclusive remix of Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time gaining over 22,000 hits on SoundCloud. French producer Kulkid is a bundle of talent that remakes every single genre of music including hit songs, “Young & Beautiful”( Lana Del Ray) “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Drake) and “Flume” (Bon Iver) just to name a few. Each remix gets better & better. Click one more time for a fun-upbeat-dancey-edgy dance party!

Do The-Drums


Two member duo The-Drum’s released a remix of “Don’t” (Mirror Talk) a electricfying feel good time warp song that doesn’t last long enough. “Dont” has an addictive sex appeal that enters a new dimension of music with spacey-high pitched tunes with glaring r & b overtones. Too bad all good things must come to an end.